Lighting Arrester

Extra-ordinary features of our lightning arrestor tool

Are you not sure whether the lightning arrestor is the right solution to protect your property or not? There are many tools to balance the lighting and other electrical surges but finding the ultimate tool is challenging. So, here we, the team of JSR Earthing Solution, bring some promising features of our most demanding product, the lightning Arrestor. We are Best Earthing Manufacturer & We are leading Best Consulting Service for Lightning Protection System in Gujarat.

Minimise the structural damage

When you install our product on the exterior of your building, ultimately, you decrease the chances of structural damage. This tool protects your building from lightning and similar electrical discharges. If your property is under regular exposure to lightning because of the material used in it, location, and all, this will be the perfect solution for you. This is the way to protect the property against secondary damages like strikes that hits the nearby trees & cause branches to fall. We are one of the best Earthing Chamber  Suppliers in Gujarat.

Lighting Arrestor

Lighting Arrester

The Early Streamer Emission Lighting Conductor Including Teletesting supervision

This third generation of the Duval Messien “Satelit” range used this technology to force the lighting strike to follow a predetermined path towards the earthing systems. The Satelit 3 concept consists of polarising the lighting conductor tip with a voltage of between 35 KV and 45KV, synchronised with the progress of the descending tracer, and of triggering and anticipated start for the ascending tracer. with its Satelit 3 Duval Messien is offering a ground-breaking development by introducing a remote system testing facility: the TELETESTER-53. The Satelit 3 has been designed around a 304L quality Stainless Steel shell in order to guarantee high resistance to impacts. corrosion and chemical agents. The electronic components selected for the Satelit 3 are completely protected inside an inert resin block. The spark gap, any body steel, is designed to conduct currents greater than 180 kA. The Satelit 3 is powered by a NI-MH type battery, Continuously recharged indestructible, flexible solar cells.

ESC Lightning Arrester

Advantages & Benefits

• Safety of life and from earth related electrical hazard
• Strong reliable long life
• Zaro Maintenance
• Smooth dissipation of fault, lighting and short circuit currents
• Low electrical resistance as per soil
• Resistance to corrosion
• Excellent current carrying capacity and continuity
• Ideal earthing system for all kind of applications.

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