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About us

We JSR Earthing Solution at Sarkhej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, are engaged in supplying an extensive range of cable trays and earthing materials. We are Best Earthing Manufacturer & Our main target is to render the best services to our esteemed customers in the field of engineering and electrical products by way of providing solutions in the cable management. The cable trays provided by us are highly acclaimed in the market for supporting different types of insulated cables.

We JSR Earthing Solution earthing material suppliers in Gujarat And Best Consulting Service for Chemical Earthing in Gujarat and We Provide Best Installation Service in All Over Gujarat and Mumbai.

We Provide Complete Lightning Protection System With Installation in Ese Type and Structure Lightning Arrester System. We Provide Consulting Service Also Related to Chemical Earthing and Lightning Protection System for Turnkey Projects.

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The main reason for doing earthing in electrical network is for the safety. When all metalic parts in electrical equipments are grounded then if the insulation inside the equipments fails there are no dangerous voltage present in the equipment case. if the live wire touches the grounded case then the circuit is effectively shorted and fuse will immediately blow. When the fuse is blown then the dangerous voltages are away.

Lighting line surges or Uninternational Contact With higher voltage lines can cause dangerously high Voltage to the electrical distribution System. Earthing Provides an alternative path around the electrical system to minimize damages in the System. We are Best Earthing Manufacturer  & we serve Gi and  copper Earthing wire in Gujarat.

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